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List process with network activity

Lister les processus ayant une activité réseau

netstat -ptu [1]
nethogs [2]


[1] Single shot

[2] Continuous scrutation, top/htop-like


Mount distant repository via SSHFS

Monter un répertoire distant via SSHFS

  • via sshfs sshfs -o nonempty /mnt/baz
  • via mount, add a /etc/fstab line : /mnt/baz fuse defaults,users,noauto,async,noatime,allow_other 0 0


Change automatic stop connection delay for SSH sessions

Changer le délais de déconnexion automatique pour les sessions SSH.

  • echo $TMOUT [1]
  • export TMOUT=600 [2]
  • export TMOUT= [3]


[1] Check if timeout is set in the distant machine shell (Bash, Zsh…)

[2] Set a session timeout of 10 minutes

[3] Disable session timeout


Proxy Firefox to distant machine via SSH not to expose HTTP traffic

Rediriger les requêtes de Firefox vers une machine distante via SSH pour ne pas exposer son trafic HTTP sur un WiFi local par exemple

  1. ssh -2NfCT -D 8080 distant-machine.tld [1]
  2. In Firefox, open about:preferences URL in a new tab ; search socks ; set socks v5 proxy line to host: localhost ; port: 8080 [2]

Just using TorBrowser is also an excellent choice.


[1] autossh command instead of just ssh maintains SSH connections open all the time

[2] If it works you expose distant-machine.tld IP address to the internet and a lot of websites can help you to check it.


Connexion SSH / wget via TOR

torsocks ssh

torsocks wget http://foo.onion/

SSH distant machine login

Configurer une connexion SSH par clé à une machine distante.


cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh distant-user@distant-machine cat >> .ssh/autorised_keys