GNU+Linux command memo

Mount /tmp in a tmpfs

Monter /tmp dans un tmpfs, un système de fichier en mémoire RAM. Accélère le système, économise le disque.

$ su -c 'vi /etc/fstab' (1)
+ tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,size=256M    0   0  (2)
$ sudo reboot
1 Edit /etc/fstab file with root rights
2 size=256M for a 512 MO file system, this implies that you won’t be able to store bigger files in /tmp such as Firefox downloaded big files.
Attention, some programs may have an intensive usage of temporary files and could fail because of missing free space in /tmp. Examples: temporary mysql tables, big imagemagick conversions, too many session files or in-Firefox consultation of big documents (such as PDF).
More than 256 MO can be allowed to the /tmp mount point.
/var/log (64MO) /var/tmp (128MO) can also be mounted in RAM.