GNU+Linux command memo

Find duplicate files (to remove them and save space)

Trouver des fichiers dupliqués pour les supprimer et libérer du stockage.

$ rdfind -deleteduplicates true /mnt/backup (1)
$ fslint-gui (2)
$ fdupes --recurse /mnt/backup (3)
$ jdupes /srv/content --recurse: /mnt/backup (4)
1 made for speed (can ignore small files to be faster) can compare inside a folder, or between two folders
2 it’s a graphical program that can fix various file system problems, including duplicated files, findup is a command line interface version
3 fdupes can show a lost-space summary or automatically delete dup files. Files are found by sizes then MD5 signatures, followed by a byte-by-byte comparison (slow)
4 will follow subdirectories under /mnt/backup, but not those under /srv/content, fork of fdupes which support this same syntax. jdupes is also coded in C, starring a good brtfs integration