GNU+Linux command memo

Why Artix Linux

J’ai mis 10 ans à configurer ma Debian comme une Artix Linux par défaut.

It took me 10 years to configure Debian as an Artix Linux by default.

  • storage full encryption (just a checkbox at install time)

  • /tmp mounted in RAM

  • an XFC4 modern, with hiDPI support

  • OpenRC as init

That why Artix (Arch based) is now on top of my Unix init distro collection : Unix init or not

With Artix it was easy to :

Thanks to the AUR (Arch User Repository), which facilitate the creation of packages for Arch base systems.

In Arch world packages are fast to install, being compressed using the zstd algorithm.

Artix suggest good Firefox modules pre-packaged, which allows to save some time for repeated installations.

To finish, here are install notes from a french Linux User Group :